Our company has been founded in 1997. The company is an engineering company, produces electrical materials over this basic principle. Quality, reliability, stability adn being economical are our basic principles. Our company has been found in order to selling products of facility of electrical distribution, project, engineering and other services then it pursues for the sake of these aims. With conscious of how important to stay at the point that we aimed, to grow up pertinaciously, be prominent company in Turkey from our perspective, besides moving with this notion, to move this same achievement to internatonal stage are main aims of our company

The company has been continuing from(since) foundation together with educated, experienced, cumulative human resource that were equipped with researches, with knowledge of material procunement of AG-OG-YG-ENH and center of transformers.

Our company views to produce quality products and working customer-oriented as significantly.In order to be pioneer company on the subject of electricity and underground facility,to perform our commintments seasonable and with the difficult projects that is specialization-required,to work with high-class and competent human resources,to make the best of a bad situation and behave accordingly to ethical principles have always been our basic principles.